Power Apps In the Courier News
Apr 2011 16

In the Courier News today Saturday April 16th there is an article about Power Apps. It talks about each of our team members, Meet Bob, the Zoned App, and more. Go and read it if you have access to the Courier News if not I’ll get it up here soon.

Zoned App Development Log #2
Apr 2011 16

Development on the application for Zoned Sports Academy is continuing. Right now the eta is around a month until it’s 100% done, however the release date has not been set. You can probably tell from the photo that we’ve begun work on the main part of the app “Brain Ball” previously mentioned as the “Situation Simulator”. Once we get closer to release we will probably be doing various promotional videos to give you a preview of what you can expect.

Zoned App Development Log #1
Apr 2011 09

Development on the app for Zoned Sports Academy has begun(yesterday). In one day we’ve made incredible progress. You can expect to see it on Android and iOS handsets everywhere in a month and a half . This app will contain tips for players, coaches, and parents relating to Baseball. It will also include a baseball situation simulator(details to come) and a way to request a lesson at Zoned.


Tricks for Mac (formally known as Mac Tricks), created by the Dylan Gottlieb (founder of Gott Games and lead programmer of Power-Apps), is a one-of-a-kind app in the iOS app store.  There are no other apps of this kind that will teach you all kinds of tricks for your very own Mac Computer.  Unlock the magic of your Mac and download Tricks for Mac today, click this link or the icon below!


The Only Site You Will Ever Need

The Only Site You Will Ever Need(tosywen) is my biggest and most popular website to date. Created out of boredom and the need for a website that had “everything”. It receives over 50,000 hits a month and ranks on the first page in google for many searches. Enough of my bragging go check it out for yourself, link.

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