Empowering the Planet Wallpaper
Oct 2011 19

I started off using the first wallpaper I posted here got bored made another(not posted) and now yet another. This one is by far my favorite and I think will be yours too. This wallpaper features our planet Earth and the photo is called Blue Marble from NASA. Well enough of me talking check it out, HERE.

Power Apps Launches, Power Arcade!
Oct 2011 15

Power Arcade started off as a project out of boredom with no real plans of it ever seeing daylight. After a while though it started to become something we thought the public might enjoy instead of it just being a distraction for us. So today we are announcing it officially, it still has a ways to go but we feel it’s at the point where it matches or supersedes other flash game portals in terms of quality games and a quality site.

Competitive Advantage Development Log #3
Oct 2011 05

Power Apps is now concluding the Competitive Advantage app.  We have everything completed and working but we must change the green in some of the graphics to connect the app to www.compadvfitness.com better.  Then we will finalize the app with extensive bug testing and hopefully get it out to all of you guys within a month!  Until then try to be patient and continue working out without a guided routine on your smartphone.